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    Industrial Waste Shredding
    Industrial waste refers to solid waste discharged by machinery, light industry and other industries in the course of production.
    Such as mechanical industry cutting debris, grinding debris, waste sand, food industry activated carbon residue, silicate industry and construction of bricks, tiles, gravel, concrete fragments, industrial garbage is difficult to deal with a major problem of environmental governance.
    So, what about industrial waste?
    Recyclables, such as newspapers, plastics, metals, etc. are required to be disposed of separately, and the government will also provide users with special containers for those recyclables.
    When they come to collect the rubbish, they will put the recyclable rubbish into a special box in the car.
    For non-recyclable garbage, users are also required to use a special container to load it.
    The current China's large and medium-sized city public garbage disposal, most have already begun to implement the classification of the recycling and recovery, although compared to Canada classification also appear to be simple, but that is a good place to start, as long as we can learn from other countries' experience they sort the garbage, raise people's awareness of garbage classification, waste classification and formulate relevant laws and regulations, China will also become garbage classification power and resources recycle superpower.
    We manufacture solid waste shredding machine apply to including plastic cans, plastic buckets, medical waste, waste tires, eat hutch waste, urban waste, living garbage, dead animals, RDF refuse derived fuel, chemical waste, plant residues, glass bottles, waste electrical and electronic, computer hard disk, waste household appliances, large diameter steel drum, biological straw, clothing fabrics, garden waste and so on.
    We live on this earth, the environment is closely related to our life and the climate and so on, we should protect our living environment, as far as possible to reduce the pollution to the minimum.
    The development of industry is indispensable to the progress of mankind, and the development of industry is bound to involve the production of industrial garbage. We cannot enjoy the convenience brought by industrial development while destroying our living environment.
    Therefore, the treatment of industrial waste is particularly important.
    It is believed that in the near future, with the improvement of garbage disposal technology, garbage disposal will be more reasonable and more conducive to environmental protection.