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    Globalization Development

    In the global scope, we are looking for business partners and agents in various countries to actively friendly cooperation.
    Since the establishment of the company, slow and steady, quality to win.
    Gradually with their reasonable design, reliable production, intimate after-sales, to win the favor of customers and the market.
    While developing the domestic market, we are also actively exploring the international market.
    At present, our company has been set up in the domestic sales offices.
    We also have agency agreements with relevant distributors in Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and other countries.
    The sales momentum is glowing.

    Brand image:

    Zibo United Tech Machinery Co., Ltd. to "United Tech " named, take righteousness set hundreds of schools of expertise, fine their own excellent.Taishan does not let the soil, so it can become large, Hohai does not choose small streams, so it can become deep.With advanced technology strength in the field of environmental protection and crushing, luen Thai is able to gain a foothold in the field of environmental protection and recycling.