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Innovation & incubator

Force the innovation incubation center is a comprehensive business platform, is a creative and innovative entrepreneurial paradise. Business incubator, designed to support the establishment and development of small enterprise Internet industry, is a young man laboratory to make my dream come true! Force state enterprise through money demand for early entrepreneurs, business, technology, market, the training of manpower, law, provide the whole solution, help in the early stages of Internet entrepreneurs set sail smoothly and rapid growth. At the same time help entrepreneurs to create a group of the most market value and commercial potential products. \"Rio state dream lab\" based on the global economy the most active, the most promising Chinese, for the future, take an active part in undertaking tide, leading a fast-developing enterprise common development, jointly build dream belongs to the future of the Chinese young generation.

The subordinate company:
Xi 'an and micro network technology co., LTD
Shaanxi is kang pharmaceutical chemical co., LTD
Xi 'an states cosmetics co., LTD
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