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Medical Industry

Force state health industry group is located in xi 'an high-tech development zone, is a human health as the main business in the field of high-tech enterprises, the main industry for the pharmaceutical research and development, production, sales. Business all over at home and abroad, has been awarded the xi 'an high-tech zone "star science and technology enterprise", "technology innovation award", "large taxpayer", "biomedical top 10" and "provincial excellent enterprise", "defend the contract heavy credit unit" and so on a number of honorary titles. Now the state-level enterprise technology center, liposome in shaanxi province engineering technology center supporting institution, xi "an innovative companies.
Rio state health industry group owns a by Dr. Professor, as the main body of the high-tech research and development team, and several scientific research institutions at home and abroad and in North America and established close technical cooperation relations, set up laboratories, to communicate on a regular basis.
Force as a high-tech enterprise, state pharmaceutical group, with flexible management system, standardized management, talent gathered, efforts to strive for the domestic first-class, international advanced medical industry company.

The subordinate company:
Xi 'an force state pharmaceutical co., LTD
Xi 'an force state pharmaceutical distribution co., LTD
Xi 'an force state science and technology co., LTD
Xi 'an force bond zhao new biological co., LTD
Xi 'an han feng pharmaceutical co., LTD
Xi 'an force state medical electronics co., LTD

Xi 'an force state medicine industry group co., LTD
Address: xi 'an high-tech zone kam road 69 pioneer park A - 204 room
Zip code: 710077
Telephone: 029-88346138
Fax: 029-88346189
The company's web site:
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