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In order to let more Chinese women enjoy the comfortable, pure and fresh and magic, xi 'an states cosmetics co., LTD, with Japan galaxy baba, developed an organic, high-quality, more suitable for phospholipids parcel of Oriental female skin care brand - fine alizarin. Nagoya, Japan style of pure and fresh and comfortable to be formally introduced to China, will bring Chinese female skin magic reduction effect, achieve the beauty of modern women's elegant fashion.
Features: fine west DMS barrier repair special patent technology, in a specific proportion integration similar to human skin barrier is contained in a specific lipid composition, triglyceride, phospholipids, ceramide, squalene, etc), to simulate normal skin barrier layer plate structure, effectively repair damaged skin barrier
Innovative technology, Rio state company special micro emulsification technology, does not damage normal barrier function, repair effect more durable, long-lasting moisturizing moist skin
Specially added human skin barrier endogenous lipid composition of PEA palm amide (MEA), the phenomenon such as fast relieve itching, redness, and has antioxidant effect
Specially added palmitoyl three phthalein, effectively replenish collagen, restore the past youth.
No added essence, pigment and preservatives, moderate low sensitivity, high tolerance

Xi 'an states cosmetics co., LTD
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