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Medical network was established in April 2011, the predecessor of original medical video on, for the general anaesthesia doctor learning interaction platform. One was in 2012, the Chinese medical association of anaesthesia branch awarded: "prize for outstanding contribution enterprise" since 2013, the site started by a single channel anesthesia to the multi-disciplinary field of development, now has a heart head blood-vessel, nutrition, PuYao channel and equipment such as medical professional knowledge. Now the site has more than 500 medical institutions, 3000 doctors registered members, has become influential in the field of medical professional services web site. Site in line with the "medical network, help doctors" service tenet, through academic exchanges, and drug companies to show, medical, medical health and medical education bond five editorial content, and electronic publications, mobile news, an APP, such as value-added application function, for the majority of the medical staff, pharmaceutical trading enterprises and medical institutions to provide professional medical services of online and offline.

Xi 'an medical state network technology co., LTD
Address: xi 'an high-tech 16 venture building, room 701, block B, all the way
Zip code: 710075
Customer service QQ: 2604415388
Sina weibo: @ medical network bond
Micro letter public account: d bond Windows (yptaste)