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"Comfortable," with the registered brand in 2010 and in 2011 won the "xi 'an famous trademark and" shaanxi province famous trademark ". More than a decade, has focused on enteral nutrition preparations in the research and development, the company with Canada UBC, Canada, the United States many domestic universities, research institutions and large 3 armour hospital established long-term cooperative relations, relying on the powerful force state enterprise research and development capabilities, based on drug quality standard, set up suitable kang series of products has been widely used in national nutrition division, utilization rate is above 95%, accumulated the rich clinical experience, as a special physiological stage and pathologic condition people recover at an early date to provide high quality products and services.
In order to meet the requirement of certain people, certain stage, "optimal" has been formed more than 20 varieties, more than 30 products rules. Including:
Designed for perioperative and early nutrition use of short peptide products;
For the general patients with enteral nutrition demand nutritional balance all series products;
Designed for specific diseases special special products such as liver disease, kidney disease, special type, low fat, high energy type, diabetes, special, high protein nutrients, etc.;
For special physiological stage population use the product, such as wei too;
In order to meet the component type of specific nutrients for additional products, such as whey protein powder, fat components, vitamins, trace elements, etc.
"Comfortable," ten years clinical scientific verification, make a recovery nutrition professional brand!
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