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Rio state the Internet -- -- -- -- -- - fat emulsion injection (C14 ~ 24)
With the most complete series of fat emulsion injection (C14-24) - bond Internet, permeability, such as high-energy infusion time is short, less water content to get more the favour of hospitals and patients, the characteristics of sales is growing at an annual rate of 20%, and was listed in 13115 in shaanxi provincial science and technology projects, etc.
【 indications 】
Energy supplement. This product is one part of parenteral nutrition, provide energy and essential fatty acids for the body, used for parenteral nutrition supplement energy and essential fatty acids, the prevention and treatment of human body essential fatty acid deficiency, as well as the oral route unable to maintain and restore the normal level of essential fatty acids of patients to provide essential fatty acids. 30% fat emulsion injection is more suitable for infusion quantity restriction and energy demand highly increase the patients.
100 ml rule lattice 】 【 : 30 g (soybean) : 1.2 g (lecithin);
100 ml: 10 g (soybean) : 1.2 g (lecithin);
250 ml: 75 g (soybean) : 3.0 g (lecithin);
250 ml: 25 g (soybean) : 1.5 g (lecithin);
500 ml: 50 g (soybean) : 3.0 g (lecithin);
250 ml: 25 g (soybean) : 3.0 g (lecithin);
500 ml: 50 g (soybean) : 6.0 g (lecithin);
100 ml: 20 g (soybean) : 1.2 g (lecithin);
50 ml: 50 g (soybean) : 3.0 g (lecithin);
500 ml: 100 g (soybean) : 6.0 g (lecithin)
【 storage 】 below 25 ℃, shall not be frozen.
[approval] H20033854 approved by the state; H20033848 approved by the state;
H20033855 approved by the state; H20033856 approved by the state;
H20033857 approved by the state; H20033849 approved by the state;
H20033850 approved by the state; H20033851 approved by the state;
H20033852 approved by the state; H20033853 approved by the state;

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