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Rio state xi tong - leading to injection
Using high temperature sterilization, dedicated dispensing system, the use of international advanced homogeneous agents, to make separation of raw materials, control technology, more careful, lower content of impurities, and verified by 9 big authority GCP experimental base, curative effect is more precise and better safety, is effective to improve microcirculation of targeted drugs, the market share of 36%.
【 indications 】
1. The treatment of chronic arterial occlusion disease (buerger's disease, occlusive arterial sclerosis, etc.) caused by limb ulcer and circulation resting limb pain caused by the tiny blood vessels, improve microcirculation of heart head blood-vessel.
2. After organ transplantation antithrombotic therapy to inhibit intravascular thrombosis after transplantation.
3. The arterial catheter dependence of congenital heart disease, to alleviate the hypoxemia, maintaining the tube flow to wait the surgical treatment.
4. Used to aid in the treatment of chronic hepatitis.
【 specification 】 (1) 1 ml: 5 mg (2) 2 ml: 10 mg
【 packing 】 glass ampoule. Ml: 1 / box, 5 pieces/box, 10 / box;
1/2 ml: box, 5 pieces/box, 10 / box.
[approval] (1) 1 ml: 5 mg H20103101 approved by the state
(2) 2 ml: 10 mg H20103100 approved by the state
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