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Company Profile

Xi’an Libang Enterprises, established in 1996, a hi-tech biopharmaceutical-oriented corporate group specialized in the development, production and distribution of pharmaceutical products and healthy nutrition products, also presenting in the cultural industry.

Libang Group, with Xi’an Libang Holdings Ltd. as the parent company, divided into Libang Pharmaceutical Group, Healthy Nutrition Group and other wholly owned subsidiaries engaged in culture, financial, property etc, totally over 1000 employees.

As a technology-driven company, led by a group of well-experienced Ph.D and M.D experts, Libang R&D teams found the R&D platform in China and Canada, and also network with professionals and scientists from leading medical research institutes in China and North America. Named National Liposmal Drug Industrialization Demonstration Base and Shaanxi Provincial Liposmal Drug Delivery Research Centre, Libang R&D platform has achieved fruitful developments on liposomal drug, fat emulsion, PEG, and microsphere related formulation. In 1999, Libang successfully launched “LIMENGXINTM” the first generic Propofol Injection in China, which is an extremely short acting intravenous anaesthetic agent and once granted Queen's Award for its innovation. Now, “LIMENGXINTM” is the most competitive and has the market share of 40% in China.

Libang owns 3 pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities with the total area of sixty thousand square meters, consist of the various GMP production lines such as: small volume parenteral solution, large volume parenteral solution, lyophilized powder for injection, oral dosage forms as well as APIs, all of the production lines obtained the GMP certificates, APIs plant passed the US FDA inspection successfully. Over 100 products form 4 major product series: aneasthetic, nutrition products, cardiovascular and APIs.

Libang is devoted to developing “3B” products: “Best efficacy”, “Best quality”, “Best service”, under the support of the “three-element marketing system” composed of decision, promotion and execution, its sales networks covering 31 provinces and 6000 hospitals in mainland China, laying down a firm foundation for Libang’s brand building and its sustainable development.

Xi’an Libang Clinical Nutrition Co., Ltd., the first domestic clinical enteral nutrition specialty company in China, established by Libang, developing a series of clinical nutrition products include “LESKONTM” enteral nutrition, maternity nutrients as well as the bodybuilding nutrition products such as Whey Concentrate, mass gainer, Creatine, Glutamine etc., can satisfy a variety of requirements on fitness.

Xi'an Lipont Arts Investment Co.,Ltd., specialized in investing arts and cultural relics with the business philosophy of "Appreciating the beauty of arts, Seeing the value of investments", its business scope covers the contract agency operation for artists, top-quality arts display & exhibition, art auction and exchange of works by the artists with potentiality.

Facing with opportunities and challenges, Libang staff adheres to the mission statement of “admiration for science, healthcare for mass”, carries forward the spirit of “Striving to become stronger, fighting together”, on the road of standardization, specialization, collectivization, internationalization, set our sights higher, aiming for continuous improvements, continue a new leap forward, continue a new resplendence, committed to more contributions for People's health.


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