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    Medium Wood Chipper

    Medium Wood Chipper 

    Medium wood chipper machine adopts grab machine feeding, can call the template, straw, branches and other kinds of biological power plant fuel, the benefits of this device is to move around freely, broken branches broken big bad transportation convenience, and grasp the machine feeding (manual), can also according to require the use of remote control, or combined with automatic start-stop function, the feed is when the main motor load big, feed can be automatic start-stop, so that it can greatly save the human.
    The medium wood chipper p machine adopts chain plate type intelligent feeding, which can automatically adjust the feeding speed according to the load of the main motor.
    It makes the machine run at full load to avoid no-load operation, makes the feeding more smoothly, and greatly improves the production capacity. It is the ideal recommended equipment for biomass power plant.
    Medium Wood Chipper Specification: 

    1. The voltage about the power supply can be selected by the customer’s specific requirements.
    2. The shredder capacity can be influenced by the material composition and output size.
    The above specifications are only for reference and subject to change without prior notice, please confirm with our sales representative when making order.